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The NZR Clayton steam Railcar was the only one to ever operate commercially in New Zealand . It worked in the South Island for 11 years from 1926.  Originally built in Britain by Clayton Wagons Ltd at Abbey Works in Lincoln and assembled at the Railway Workshops in Petone. 

The Clayton was a bad steamer from new and had to have a heavy firebox and larger boiler installed before it was commissioned to run regular routes. Medium grades and sharp bends caused it to slow considerably e.g. from 30mph to 6 -14mph. In spite of these problems it enjoyed a reasonable life on the Southland and Otago plains rail routes. Seating for Fifty two passengers who

enjoyed the open glass house style cabin regardless of  the lack of storage space. It was not uncommon for the railcar to pull a small wagon with freight. Unfortunately reliability was an issue which prompted above average fitter repair time and expense which outweighed the smaller operating costs over normal locomotives.

The 84hp two cylinder engine was placed under the coal and water box. Boiler pressure  275psi. Coil super heater. coal 15cwt and water 550 gallons. Vertical boiler mounted just behind the engineer. A duplicate set of driver controls were mounted at the rear for reverse driving, the engineer being able to walk through the passenger cabin to the other set of controls.

The content is for TSR2004 SP2.4 The features are fully animated drive wheels and linkages. Animated coal level bunker . Passengers  and  engineer visible. And  a cab view being worked on to complete the model. Rail gauge 3 foot six inch NZR Standard. 
. TRS2004 Beta Version - Download it from here!.